Tulavo partners with a GIZ – NORAD project: “Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs in Uganda” – ECOS to accelerate Growth.

The German and Norway governments have jointly started supporting businesses in Uganda to help them compete on the global market under the program named Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs in Uganda – ECOS. The program is funded by NORAD and GIZ and managed by E4D, GOPA in partnership with the Government of Uganda.

The Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs in Uganda – ECOS project which started with a kick-off meeting in November 2021 is accelerating 1000 businesses distributed allover Uganda. Atleast 350 businesses selected are women led from the 500 in Central Uganda and 500 from other parts of the country.

According to John Roch Kasumba, the ECOS Technical Director, the program is intending to create 3,000 more jobs by employing 22,000 people in the accelerated businesses.

Kasumba says that businesses have been selected from 5 sectors of; Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Green and Tourism & Hospitality.

The selected businesses will receive technical assistance alongside business coaching and mentoring. According to Kasumba, ECOS is giving special interventions in areas of Innovation and digitalization, Quality management, Market development and Access to finance. These interventions, he says, will accelerate these businesses by making them market ready and able to compete on the global scene.

Tulavo admitted into ECOS.

Among the businesses admitted into the ECOS program is Tulavo. According to Yvette Nkoba, the ECOS project Assistant, Tulavo was admitted into the program from the Tourism & Hospitality sector.

Tulavo, Uganda’s fastest growing online booking platform for cheap hotels in Uganda is considering scaling to all the 54 African countries.

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Tulavo is the fastest growing online booking platform for cheap hotel rooms in Uganda.

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According to Stephen Okhutu, the CEO Bookablehood Ltd, a company that owns the Tulavo brand commended the program expressing hope that it will accelerate business growth even faster.

The Tulavo Chief of Operations, Justine Basirika called upon all hotel owners in Uganda to use this window of opportunity and list their hotel rooms on Tulavo.

“Although we want to join a new market, we don’t want to leave our Ugandan friends behind. Our operations will remain stronger in Uganda. Ugandan hotel owners whose room rates are below 300,000/- per night should list on the fastest growing network”.

Ms. Justine Basirika COO, Tulavo.

Basirika revealed that all Tulavo services are free to the hotel owner. She noted that this was done to help small Hospitality service providers in Uganda get an opportunity to compete with big providers on the global market.

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  1. Jackson Agaba

    October 27, 2022

    Great to see an indigenous brand grow.

    Congs Tulavo.

  2. Nabwire vissy vivian

    October 27, 2022

    Congrats Tulvo

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