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Bookablehood Ltd exists to provide the best services in tourism and Information Technology.

We are committed to providing the best quality services in;

  1. Tourism and Hospitality services
  2. Radio Streaming services
  3. Other Information Technology related Services

We do this whilst consistently meeting our customers’ requirements as to the quality of service. Our mission is to strive to promote business growth and competitiveness in Africa with access to affordable IT solutions that simplify business operations with an opportunity for customer growth and sustainability.  In addition we strive to help individual customers to conveniently and securely travel further into Africa.

Our commitment to quality is achieved by adopting a quality management system in line with ISO standard 9001:2015,

The company is therefore committed to proactively:

  • Conduct business in such a manner that, as a minimum, ensures compliance with all applicable (current and anticipated) statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Setting objectives and targets that are monitored regularly to assess improvements in quality performance.
  • Being as environmentally friendly as possible, so far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Assessing the risks associated with our work activities and implementing control measures to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties are met.
  • Providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that target service levels and contractual needs are met whilst ensuring the safety of employees, customers and others.
  • Raising the awareness of all our employees in order that the benefits of meeting Quality objectives are understood.
  • Ensuring all employees are made aware of and understand the QMS policy, procedures and supporting documentation, through training and provision of information. Compliance is confirmed as a result of formal internal audits and at management review, which is conducted at least once a year.

This policy is publicly available to all interested parties and is reviewed annually (or sooner if necessary) to take account of applicable local, statutory, regulatory and customer requirements and any changes in work activity.

Signed: Stephen Okhutu                                                                                

Chief Executive Officer.

Date: July 14th, 2023

Doc Number: BH/QA/POL/01



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