Nyege Nyege: Why the organizers moved the festival to the Source of the Nile in Jinja.

The famous Nyege Nyege music festival has been moved from Itanda Falls where it was held in 2022 and taken to the source of the Nile in Jinja, Talents Africa group, the organizers of the festival have revealed.

Speaking during the launch of the festival in Jinja, Mr. Aly Alibhai, CEO at Talents Africa revealed that although Itanda falls was a good venue, they faced a problem of accessibility due to impassable roads and the lack of enough accommodation services in Kangulumira.

“Come and meet the most beautiful ladies in Uganda”

Peter Kasolo, Mayor Jinja City

We want to bring back the festival to the people. Jinja gives a more favorable ground for Nyege Nyege given its grown tourism industry and a wide selection of travel accommodation in the area, Mr. Alibhai revealed saying that when the Jinja authorities talked to them about taking the festival to the source of the Nile they could not hesitate.

The organizers reveals the 2023 edition has been improved with more stages including comedy and Kisoga dances. It is scheduled to start from November 9th 2023.

Some of the fans participating in one of the dances during the festival (Internet Photo)

Hellen Namutamba, the minister of Tourism in the Busoga Kingdom said that when Nyege Nyege was first held in Jinja, it acted as a boost to development in the community and that is why the kingdom had to stand up for the festival and provided incentives for the same. We have for instance, a lady who was selling white ants (Enswa in Luganda, a local Uganda language) and the festival helped her improve her livelihood and ever since she has reported to never have failed to pay her rent.

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Kasolo Peter, the Jinja City Mayor expressed how he is already feeling the vibe of Nyege Nyege. He felt delighted about how the festival gives a big opportunity to the people of Jinja to boost the economy and leads to improved livelihoods of the locals.

Mr. Kasolo called upon the people to prepare for the festival and tap into the economic opportunities that comes with Nyege Nyege. “I assure revelers that when you come to Jinja, you are coming to the source of life. Jinja is the world’s mother of life given the fact that the Nile spreads to many countries. I implore you to come with a container and go back with water from the source of the Nile” Kasolo said. Adding that “Come and meet the most beautiful ladies in Uganda”

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