Kangulumira in a drive to promote sustainable Community Tourism through a model village tourism centre.

The Community of Kamila village in Kangulumira has partnered with Tulavo as an opportunity to empower this rural Community for sustainable tourism.

The partnership aims at creating a Community Tourism Information Centre that will help to elevate Kangulumira into a “Best Tourism Village” as per the standards of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The centre will highlight cultural music, community lifestyle, promote community agriculture especially pineapple growing, and preserve the environment like Kalagala Falls.

Kangulumira is home of Kalagala Falls and Itanda Falls.

It is also a hub of East Africa’s sweetest pineapples

According to a media statement by Stephen Okhutu, the CEO at Tulavo, The Community has donated a piece of land upon which the centre will be constructed. The Community has also provided leadership and skills to the center. Tulavo on the other hand will provide capacity building to the community in order to make them tourism ready, source for development partners and promote the centre on behalf of the community. All proceeds, accord Okhutu, will go towards improvement households incomes among the Community members.

The Community has mobilized within them a group of skilled cultural drummers who will tell the community stories through music using traditional music instruments. Most of these artists are four generation drummers who were trained by their ancestors how to preserve and pass on information to the community through drumming and other cultural instruments.

Kangulumira is one of Uganda’s leading tour destination due to its white waterfalls at Kalagala Falls and Itanda Falls. Kangulumira is also the leading grower of pineapples in Uganda making it the home of East Africa’s sweetest pineapples.

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