Kalagala Falls; the wild beauty that is becoming Uganda’s leading tour destination.

Located in Kangulumira; home of East Africa’s sweetest pineapples, you cannot miss out on the white water rapids along the length of the mighty Nile while at Kalagala falls.

Less than five minutes away from the lake shore, you will hear the roaring strength of the falls. Strong and loud they come onto you yet in their thunderous nature they are a beauty to marvel at. Surrounded by rainforest and overlooking the Victoria Nile, Kalagala Falls are a spending sight, and presently the most striking falls on Lake Victoria where the mighty River Nile has its source.

This wild beauty is strategically located 3 km from the town centre of Kangulumira and 83 km from Kampala.

Sleep in Kangulumira and you will listen to the melodies that come from the strength of the white waters falling throughout the night.

At some point, the falls are so sweetly ferocious that water will be sprinkling off onto your face. You can see these scenic falls with the help of a local tour guide. Alternatively you can visit through a travel expert of your choice.

An aerial view of Kalagala waterfalls in Kangulumira

From this haven on the gigantic Victoria, you will have visible sights of the splashy falls. you will be viewing all this from your room balcony, and freely keep some digital moments.

At some point, the wild falls find their way down through nestled black stones, with large volumes and force from the mighty River Nile.

Tour the Community

Sporting at Kalagala falls

And it is not the falls you will be watching. Best thing to do is getting a guided tour around the pineapple farms hand managed by the locals in Kangulumira. See for yourself the matooke flowers and how the sun is a major factor in their growth. See how the locals prepare Matooke traditionally using a fireplace made with three stones. Visit a village well and the traditional cultural sites. Don’t forget to visit a pottery site to witness how the locals make their utensils. Am sure you will need to buy some of these rare gifts offered by kalagala falls.

Do you love wine? Then you will need to buy some of the wines made from a winery owned by the a local community. This wine is made from fresh pineapples handpicked from the gardens of Kangulumira nurtured by the white waters of Kalagala falls.

Travel Guide

If you are new in Uganda, we advise that you use the services of a professional travel guide. For accommodation, we recommend Tulavo where you will find cheap hotels in Kangulumira and cheap guesthouses in Kangulumira that cost less than $30. These are affordable quality self contained room carefully selected from you from anywhere in Uganda.

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  1. Jackson

    July 19, 2022

    This is worth a visit – weekend away from home and associate with nature.

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