Here is What You didn’t know about the Jinja Agricultural Trade Show at the Source of the Nile.

The Source of the Nile Agricultural Trade Show in Jinja commonly known as the Jinja Agricultural Trade Show is the largest agricultural trade show in East Africa which started in 1993. The event is carried out every year near the source of the Nile in Jinja.

Why it matters: Uganda has the largest arable land estimated at 80% according to a 2021 report by Uganda Bureau Of Statistics- UBOS, a national research agency in Uganda. Only 35% of this land is being cultivated in a country where majority of the people are employed in Agriculture.

The trade show gives a unique experience to tourists by giving them a feel of how the food eaten in Uganda is traditionally produced with hand tools and how the Agricultural sector is transforming. It also highlights investment opportunities to Agripreneurs.

Since the trade show is held near the source of the Nile in Jinja, the fair adds an extra tour opportunity to people visiting Jinja.

The big Picture: The National Agricultural Show, organised by the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) started in 1993 and is oragnised every year. It is the biggest and leading agriculture exhibition in East Africa with over 1000 exhibitors showcasing different products and services geared at improving agriculture in Uganda.The show sets a platform for knowledge benchmarking, business and market opportunities to both exhibitors and show goers. It gives farmers opportunity to attend agronomical, technological, industrial and entrepreneurial trainings.The trade fair attracts participation from; Farmers, District Farmers Associations, Non-Government Organizations, Government ministries, National Agricultural Research Institutions, Academic institutions, Financial service providers, agricultural insurance, Media and Value Chain actors (mechanization firms-companies, seed companies, agro-chemicals, feed companies, processors).

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In Numbers:

  • 1000 exhibitors
  • Hotel services available at less than $50
  • 50,000 trade visitors and consumers.
  • The trade was started in 1993.

What they say: According to Mr. Anthony Kisambira, the Show Manager, the trade show is a platform to learn current technologies of production in the agricultural value chain. It is a potential market for Agricultural products and services where participants get an opportunity to buy at the lowest price.

Geoffrey Kakooza, a member of Kayunga District Farmers’ Association reveals that their farming practices have since been improved when they started visiting the show.The has become a common destination for learning institutions intentioned to introduce their students to best Agricultural practices.

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