54HOMES rebrands to tulavo in order to position in the global market

With a focus to position on the global market, 54HOMES has changed its name to tulavo.

The brand which started in 2019 is an African online marketplace for affordable travel accommodation. The aim is to make all the 54 African countries into one home accessible by travelers through an all inclusive Community tourism by connecting local African communities to the global tourism grid.

“Using feedback mechanisms however, the board decided to change the name from 54Homes to tulavo in order to create a more user-friendly experience to our platform users” The CEO, Mr. Stephen Okhutu revealed.

Mr. Okhutu said that the move is one of the go to market strategies used which will involve internet marketing and other growth hacking mechanism.

the 54homes logo.

The rebranding process also included launching a new user friendly website. The website is friendly both to web and mobile users with a clean frontend dashboard among other value addition features life a “tulavo family”.

The ‘tulavo family’ is a loyalty program which automatically issues coupons to our loyal users. It helps our customers to gift friends by celebrating with them special occastions.

“Our customer is now able to share love with the person that is so close to his heart. Imagine gifting your girlfriend a trip coupon on her birthday from tulavo!” Ms. Nsangi Mara, the Chief Operations officer said.

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